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Live Microphone

Postby elcampesino » 26 Sep 2014, 13:56

No idea on the feasibility of this request but I figured I'd ask anyway. So I am using this software over the PA system at my workplace so that anyone is able to control the audio playback from any computer and I love the software its fantastic. I was thinking that it would be amazing to be able to make announcements through the system over wifi through a computer connected microphone or ideally a cellphone. Thanks for all your hard work, you've done a fantastic job with runeaudio.
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Re: Live Microphone

Postby ACX » 26 Sep 2014, 17:25

Hi elcampesino,
we set up the system with best audio quality in mind, so MPD currently has exclusive access to the ALSA sound layer. This means that no mixing process is possible at this time - to do that we would need Pulseaudio (not the best choice for bit perfect playback) or JACK (that could be a valid option). I'm sorry but such feature could see daylight only in a more advanced stage of development.
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