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Postby arnaldo » 22 Jan 2021, 08:38

Living Room with Acoustic Treatment
Streamer DIY Raspberry Pi3 based of course RuneAudio Player.....the best :mrgreen: !

NAS TerraMaster F2-220 (#2 HDD 3T Western Digital Red in modalità Mirror + upgrade RAM 4Gb)
Switch D-Link DGS-108 Switch
Dac PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac MK2
Preamp Norma Audio Electronics SC2B-LN Reference
Power Amp Norma Audio Electronics 8.7B Reference
Speaker Avalon Eclipse
All Cable are DIY

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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby LeighP » 29 Nov 2021, 23:22

Yet another change here - Denon speakers now changed for JBL Control 1 speakers and a Cambridge Soundworks sub.

You may scorn me for using a sub designed for a computer system but it's a great active sub that fits in my small lounge and adds the bass response that the Control 1s lack.

Purists may complain but I don't have big hi-fi system money!
Rpi4 4Gb running rAudio 1 and exceptionally happy with it!
1Tb SSD storage - much faster access now via the Pi4 and new RuneAudio
HifiBerry Digi+ Optical into Cambridge Audio One.
JBL Control 1 speakers. Cambridge Powered Sub.
Sounds nice!
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