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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby voxxonline » 26 Aug 2014, 07:56

Myref is 3886 chip based amplifier, I believe it is latest and most advanced sound quality wise version of this topology. If you use top parts- you get
very rich and detailed sound with so many positive attributes emerging during listening experience.
As I said I m using LDR (light dependant resistor) based attenuator- idea dates back years- and gives least degradation possible in attenuation stage. I m using integrated version designed by german diyer- he has new version with buffer (calvin buffer, named after other designer) integrated for better compatibility with different amplifiers (there are some issues with amps possessing too low input impedance values).
All work done by myself from a to z: you get bill of materials list, but whether you use it or not up to you. You receive only pcb,and in pre instance LDR's themselves - they need to be matched for equal attenuation in both channels. Almost every design has some sort of assembly guide.
All info can be found on diyaudio, but if you need any help I ll be glad to assist.
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby voxxonline » 26 Aug 2014, 07:56

Sorry for pics, I have somewhere better ones, will post later. The ones I posted captured working process mainly :)
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby ACX » 26 Aug 2014, 10:41

I recognize the HiFi2000 chassis :) Nice work!
I'm going to gather more information about the LDR based attenuator. I was initially thinking about a chipset based volume control (PGA2311 or CS3310), but this idea now intrigues me.
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby Aquarius » 26 Aug 2014, 10:50

Hello there!

Here's my stuff too:

Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins 683 (a british brand, very good on rock & electro)
Speaker cable: DIY by myself (with very well insulated cryo copper)
Pre-Amplifier / DAC / Streamer : Atoll ST200 (french, very good Q/P ratio, good list of I/O for various use case)
Power-Amplifier: Emotiva XPA-2, heavily modded by former owner (US, huge current reserve, a beast).
Interconnect cable: DIY, same copper as speaker cables
Raspberry Pi B rev 2 + Hifiberry Digi + no-name coax cable

Pre-amp and power amp have their own DIY power cables.

There's also a Bay-Trail-D based HTPC under the TV, with USB sound to the ST200.

Needs improvement: the raspi power supply
-- Aquarius
Hifi Gear: RuneAudio/Volumio on Raspberry Pi B + Hifibery Digi, Atoll ST200 (network streamer, DAC, pre-amp), Emotiva XPA-2, Bowers & Wilkins 683
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby voxxonline » 26 Aug 2014, 10:52

Yep, I ve got it from, front and back panels custom made cnc panels.
Check ldr here: ... attenuator
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby crv74 » 29 Oct 2015, 19:53

Just wanted to share my current setup, since i am enjoying runeaudio a lot!
Custom RCA interconnect with Sommer Cable and Rean connectors.
IMG_20151009_202910.jpg (125.53 KiB) Viewed 4378 times
Mission e54 Speaker
IMG_20150817_164859.jpg (59.94 KiB) Viewed 4378 times
Yaqin mc-10l power amp with TAD tubes
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby silvrr » 02 Nov 2015, 01:08

My little setup, really enjoying it.

Raspberry PI 2 -> Schiit Modi 2 -> Schiit Magni 2 -> Heavily Modified set of Fostex T50rp

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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby ingohz » 27 Mar 2016, 18:39

RP2/HifiBerry Digi+ -> Accuphase DP-67 -> Accuphase E-212 -> Infinity Kappa 8.2i
Raspberry Pi 2, HifiBerry Digi+
IMG_0952.small.JPG (128.18 KiB) Viewed 4156 times
RuneAudio with local browser
IMG_0963.small.JPG (147.81 KiB) Viewed 4156 times
now playing with Accuphase DP-67 via optical digital input and Accuphase E-212 amp
IMG_0984.small.JPG (119.39 KiB) Viewed 4156 times
  • HiFi 1: Alix/voyage-mpd, MusicalFidelity M1 DAC (RP2/HifiBerry Digi+), Accuphase DP-67, Accuphase E-212, Infinity Kappa 8.2i
  • HiFi 2: RP2/7" Touchscreen/IQaudIO Pi-DAC+, Philips Fidelio X1
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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby raid3868 » 11 May 2016, 13:22


My Setup is very simple.

- Os Rune audio
- Raspberry Pi 2 / HifiBerry DAC
- Interconnect cable Canare L-4E6S Starquad Cable Oxygen Free Copper Switchcraft Gold Plated RCA - - - Connectors
- Edifier R2800 Studio 8 with Digital Amp
- NAS openmedia vault / Openwrt / Opensuse

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Re: Listening Hardware

Postby GAP » 27 Jun 2016, 14:32

Speakers: B&W 685
Amplifier: Primare i21
Dac: Henry Audio Mk1
Player: Raspberry Pi 3 with Runeaudio
NAS: Synology ds115j
Runeaudio on Raspberry Pi 3 -- Henry Audio DAC -- Primare i21 -- Bowers and Wilkins 685
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