How about random..........?

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How about random..........?

Postby Timmo » 25 Jul 2016, 19:10

I am brand new to Runeaudio, which is installed in a Raspberry pi 3 playing through an M2tech HiFace to a Cambridge audio DAC and is sounding really good.
I was playing my music via a minimac previously, but I like the new setup much better. I already had hard drives loaded with hundreds of CDs. What I miss is the ability to just set it playing background music. I would like to just set it to play random tracks, better still to play random tracks from a selected music genre.
I can't find this functionality. Am I missing something?
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Re: How about random..........?

Postby hondagx35 » 26 Jul 2016, 16:54

Hi Timmo,

it is implemented with the latest RP2/RP3 image as Global Random (MENU->Mpd->Global Random)
see here.

better still to play random tracks from a selected music genre

Good point!
This is also possible with ashuffle, but not implemented yet.

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