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Google Play support

Postby mantissa » 03 Feb 2014, 10:30

I see that people have requested support for Spotify and your commitment (for WAF reasons if no other :) ) to try to add this at some stage... can I add a request for support for the Google Play music service too? Sadly I don't have the leverage of being your S.O. but maybe you'll agree that this would be a useful feature?

Thanks for listening :)

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Re: Google Play support

Postby Orion » 04 Feb 2014, 16:18

I John,
this definitely be a useful feature. I think we'll add Google Play support in a future release, but I'm sorry...not very soon (probably near v1.0).


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Re: Google Play support

Postby ScubaJeremy » 08 Apr 2016, 04:50

I'm successfully playing Google Play Music through the Runeaudio player by going through a third party app - BubbleUPnP. I have Google Play Music registered as an authorized GPM device (counts against your 10 devices) and then I use Runeaudio as the UPnP renderer. It takes a second or two to connect, but otherwise works great.
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Re: Google Play support

Postby 5AMsan » 16 Jun 2016, 16:47

Did someone managed to use Google Play Music account through GmusicProxy ?
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Re: Google Play support

Postby ragerino » 16 Jul 2016, 20:48

5AMsan wrote:Did someone managed to use Google Play Music account through GmusicProxy ?

I was able to use GMusicProxy in combination with MPD (the media player daemon used by RuneAudio). I've posted my results here.

Hope someone will integrate it ;)
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Re: Google Play support

Postby moshel » 07 Aug 2016, 08:16

BTW you write that you don't like the sound of the chromecast. did you try to change the settings (in the chromecast app) to high dynamic range? the difference is substantial.
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