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Fiio E10K

Postby englishtim » 20 Feb 2015, 22:10

Hi Everyone,

First post on the forum - apologies for any beginner's errors... Many thanks to the Rune Audio people for a really neat product! Keep up the excellent work!

I'm happy to report that FiiO's E10K DAC ( works well with RuneAudio on the Raspberry Pi. It's listed in MPD as "Digihug USB Audio". I've tried the combo with the E10K feeding the following:

  • Line Out into my 1980s "lounge" system: Sansui AU-317 amp with Celestion SL6 loudspeakers;
  • Line Out into my "man-cave" / office system: Denon M38DAB micro-system with ancient home-built KEF Caprice I / Cresta II speakers (an ancestor of the legendary BBC LS3/5A);
  • Headphone Out driving my wonderful Sennheiser HD 650 headphones.

All work remarkably well. Given the E10K's low price (around £60 - £70 in the UK), its excellent performance and its versatility I reckon it's a bargain. According to FiiO's specifications the E10K contains a TI PCM5102 DAC, and is rated to 24 bit / 96kHz.

Early days yet, so at the moment I'm keeping the set-up pretty simple:

  • All features switched off apart from USB Automount and Album Art;
  • Music libraries are either on a USB hard-drive or my Synology NAS;
  • File-formats mostly 16-bit/44k ALAC or 320k MP3, with a few AAC files here and there;
  • Network connection via wired Ethernet.

Minor niggles along the way:

  • At first there was insufficient gain out from the E10K's Line-Out port. The solution was to log in to Rune, run Alsamixer, select the "Digihug..." sound-card, and increase the volume - I found that setting this to about 80% works fine;
  • I had one instance where the sound was terribly distorted - a reboot fixed the problem. I haven't had any recurrences of this, so I'll keep watch just in case it happens again.

For the record my Pi is the old Model B, but hopefully the B+ should also be OK.

Here's the Debug report on Pastebin:

Peace and friendship,
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Re: Fiio E10K

Postby hondagx35 » 20 Feb 2015, 22:44

Hi englishtim,

welcome to the world of RuneAudio.
Thank you for the nice and detailed report.

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