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Enhancement for the forum discussions

Postby rpt007 » 03 Feb 2017, 15:48


I couldn't find a better location to place my suggestion to improve this forum, so if there is a better place I would kindly ask a moderator to move this contribution to the correct category.

Reading a lot of discussions here I find it sometimes difficult / confusing when replies are given to questions/contributions which have been made earlier and have (almost) nothing to do with the previous contribution in the thread.

So it would be a nice feature for everyone, especially the most active contributors, to have a reply counter within each thread so that one must not always copy and paste the associated question to match the answer to the right question.

So instead of
reply to ... copy / paste ... of forum member ...
it is easier to
refer to reply #xy

Being an active member in a lot of other forums, this feature is quite normal there.

Mightbe that the underlying forum software already supports this feature oob and has only to be activated.
Just a thought.

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