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Digital out

Postby Toube » 28 Dec 2018, 08:51

Hi guys,

anyone experienced with a DAC using Optical or Coaxial output directly to Active speakers?
I'm planning to use Genelecs 8330a speakers with Connectivity kit that allows to hook the speakers directly from the DACs digital out to the speakers. This way the signal is untouched until it reaches the speakers built in AMP so the sound quality should be as pure as possible and of course untouched.

The DAC is the Audiolabs m-dac+ model. Just wondering if the DAC willl be able to direct the signal to the digital out when you have a cable attached to the output? Anyone tried this kind of setup?

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Re: Digital out

Postby Stephane » 28 Dec 2018, 17:09


I am using a Hifiberry Digi clone which feeds a Topping TP32ex thru a coaxial SPDIF cable.
Nothing more to say than it works fine.

Stéphane Acounis
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Re: Digital out

Postby Toube » 29 Dec 2018, 18:34


I just cancelled the DAC order and got myself a Yamaha wxc-50 instead. It has volume control for the digital out so it will do the job. Obviously I will not be using the Runeaudio for this project because there is no point of hooking up another device to the link.
Now using the wcx-50 the link will be:
Room correction -> DA (Digital to analog)
If I would have used a DAC with raspberry pi it woul look like:
DA -> AD (analog to digital) -> Room correction -> DA

So the signal travels 2 steps less and that will have a positive impact in the sound quality.. well at least on paper.
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Re: Digital out

Postby Toube » 01 Feb 2019, 07:46

Hi Guys,

just an update on the current setup.
I sold my Yamaha WCX-50 Digital streamer and got the Allo Digione Signature instead.
I also got a TeddyPardo Dual 5V LPSU to go with the setup so the digital signal jitter should not exists well not too much.
The sound is great for this price range.
This setup is already more High End than least to my ears :) All in all I'm happy and I can recommend the setup.

I anyone needs any details let me know.

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