Browsing USB Harddisk

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Browsing USB Harddisk

Postby Velociraptor » 26 Dec 2015, 19:35

Hi guys,
great work with rune I have to tell you I like it a lot also the responsiveness.

BUT! ^^ I have a problem when I connect a Hard-drive via USB it checks the content but when I browse via Library it jumps back to root after some seconds and this is really annoying after 2-3 times and you need to go back to the directory where you where especially if there are a long list of files in it.

Does anyone have the same Problem?
If so is there a workaround or something?

I am using RPi1 with I2C soundboard and v0.3b

Would be happy to assist tracking down the bug if its not reproduce able

bye V
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Re: Browsing USB Harddisk

Postby hondagx35 » 27 Dec 2015, 11:19

Hi Velociraptor,

this shouldn't happen.

Some things to check / try and report:

- USB HDD power supply
- does it work with an USB stick (flash drive)?
- before browsing wait until mpd has scanned your music (files on the hdd)
- filesystem and folder structure on your hdd (only music or also other data)?

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Re: Browsing USB Harddisk

Postby Velociraptor » 27 Dec 2015, 14:23

HI hondagx35,
thanks for the help.
So I tried to reproduce it seems like it behaved that why only with the standard android browser if I try it via chrome it works without jumping back.

1) I have the HDD powered via the same usb charger(40W) so thats not a Problem.
2) will try
3) they are already indexed
4) its only music in some folders and FAT32
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Re: Browsing USB Harddisk

Postby EstebanRenjifo » 22 Apr 2022, 21:57

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