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Bluetooth speaker recommendations, please?

Postby charlesputnam » 17 Aug 2022, 17:14

The Best Embroidery Machines For Home Sewers


When it comes to the sewing and embroidery tasks, you may wish to have the Image best embroidery machine to support you. Embroidery is a fun and creative method to add style to your projects while displaying your artistic and imaginative side. However, you might not be able to choose suitable models among various types on the market recently. Based on that reason, we are here to help you pick and purchase a good embroidery machine for your project. Let's check our review now!


#1 - Brother PE900 5" x 7" Embroidery Machine

Key Features:

The first specification that helps you complete the task effortlessly is the 3.7-inch built-in LCD touchscreen. Within this, you can scroll through the pre-programmed designs, select fonts, and personalize your design using options to rotate, mirror, and change the scale of your designs. Moreover, the embroidery area of this machine is quite large, with a size of 5" x 7", which allows users to work on large-scale designs such as blankets, gowns, and pillows.




We love how versatile the Brother PE900 is, with 193 built-in plus 50 downloadable embroidery designs ranging from scrolls and flowers to various unique quilting patterns. You might be surprised since this machine contains 13 built-in monogramming fonts, allowing users to sew the logo quickly.


Why should we choose it?

Firstly, considered the Image best home embroidery machine, this machine has a reasonable price tag of about $1,150. This machine is simple, but it performs like a commercial machine, capable of high output and intricate designs. Furthermore, it has a good warranty and customer support, with phone support available and accessible online technical support. Thus, choosing this dedicated embroidery machine as an assistant at work is a great decision.


#2 - Singer Legacy SE300 Computerized Embroidery Machine:

Key Features:

To start with the crucial feature of Singer Legacy SE300, the SwiftSmart Threading system should be considered first because it is included with an automatic needle threader, which makes your work more accessible from the start. Also, the Drop & Sew Bobbin function will support you in doing tasks that you have to work on manually before. This computerized embroidery machine comes with 250 different sewing stitches, including 14 one-step buttonholes that assist users in creating designs with creativity.




Furthermore, the machine goes all out for embroidery, with 200 pre-programmed patterns to choose from and 6 fonts for personalizing your projects with monograms.

Moreover, this Singer Legacy SE300 contains a large embroidery hoop option with dimensions of 10" x 6", you can expand the virtual hoops by using the built-in software.

Why should we choose it?

To answer this question, we would like to say at the middle range price, this machine is worth the money as you can create endless embroidery designs. The Legacy SE300, a popular device for more advanced sewers, will undoubtedly allow you to expand your sewing and embroidery skill set and create impressive pieces of work.



Both of the above embroidery machines are fantastic devices with exceptional functionality. They're also simple enough for beginners to learn, making them ideal for anyone looking to start an embroidered project. After reading thisImage embroidery machine review, we hope that you will be able to select the best embroidery machine for your crafting needs. In case you want to expand your choice and compare various machines, visit to read our thorough buying guides on top-rated embroidery machines on the market.
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