BBB noise using audio-gd di 2014

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BBB noise using audio-gd di 2014

Postby Ro9 » 09 Oct 2014, 11:06

First of all i am very excited about your work!

I have just bought the new audio-gd di2014 - which uses the VIA chip to create spdif / i2s output.
But, when i use it with my bbb board the sound is all wrong with lots of noise and cracks.
When i use it with my r-pie there are no issues and the sound is playing fine.

But i would like to use my bbb instead - mainly because at some point i plan on using the up and comming bbb i2s cape.

Is there a known issue with the bbb and the via chip - used in audio-gd products?

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Re: BBB noise using audio-gd di 2014

Postby ACX » 09 Oct 2014, 11:20

Hi Ro9,
it could be a kernel issue with that chip.
Just wait for the 0.3-beta release for BBB that will come soon, or if you are temerary you can try to upgrade the kernel in the meanwhile :)
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