Any I2S DACs with MQA 24/192 support?

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Any I2S DACs with MQA 24/192 support?

Postby Hyacin » 27 Dec 2019, 00:04

Hi all!

I'll be purchasing a NUC in the next couple weeks to replace my Pi 2B as my home automation server, so I was looking for ways to re-purpose the Pi while simultaneously browsing DACs I could connect to my system and play MQA and DSD files from my NAS, and I came across this wonderful project!!

I have a feeling the answer to my question is going to be "no" after extensive Google searching, but I'll ask anyway - are there any I2S DACs with MQA support that can do the "second unfold"? I can already "once unfolded" 24/96 directly to my receiver so I'm not sure I'll really gain anything by sticking a Pi in the middle unless it's got a DAC attached that can do the "second unfold".

If no such thing exists - how will playing MQA with Rune Audio work? I will I just get the core 24/48? I guess without a DAC I'd go over HDMI.

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