Add ickstream for Tidal, Wimp, Qobuz ..

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Re: Add ickstream for Tidal, Wimp, Qobuz ..

Postby dynobot » 10 Jan 2017, 21:19

If they just add Squeezelite to Rune.....Tidal and all the other music services come by proxy.

The thing is, its totally easy and do'able to implement Squeezelite into Rune, but doing so pretty much makes the pretty GUI useless. Well not totally useless but at least the play screen and everything related to MPD.

Which is really a good thing imo, in this way Rune can knock it out of the park by suddenly giving people just about every music service available, great sound, a choice of music players and at the same time slow down the need for development of the MPD gui. Suddenly a whole lot of requests will go away and a whole lot of functionality will be gained.
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Re: Add ickstream for Tidal, Wimp, Qobuz ..

Postby yannig » 20 Jan 2018, 01:42

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