TPA3116 Bluetooth 4.0 2x50W Amp

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TPA3116 Bluetooth 4.0 2x50W Amp

Postby onehundred1 » 06 Dec 2015, 11:16


Can anyone say how can i enable AUX on this amp? The issue is that when I turn it on by holding MFB button, it turns on Bluetooth and starts the pairing process. After i connect my phone to the amp, AUX starts acting like output so I can connect my headphones and they work(even the microphone).

But I really would like to connect my TV with AUX cable to the amp so it would play sounds off the TV. When amp and TV are connected via AUX cable the TV sounds come through only when the amp plays its startup and pairing sounds, after that its silence again. This got me thinking that there might be some kind of button combination or something and maybe you guys could help.

Device looks like this:
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