SomaFM Anyone?

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SomaFM Anyone?

Postby Andrew776 » 17 Dec 2014, 19:00


I'm using a Raspberry Pi, Rune Audio beta 0.3 and IQAudio DAC. I am trying to to stream SomaFM radio stations. A good selection of genres, my favourite is Groove Salad - I work from home and it's terrific background music that fools me into thinking I am not home alone.

I have tried the URLs that are posted at: but without success. I have downloaded the .pls files and opened them in a text editor and copied the URLs included (as suggested elsewhere in this forum). These last for just a while, then change. The idea is that the .pls file is a playlist and will find a working URL from the list contained - so eliminating the need to keep re-editing the URL in Rune Audio.

On Volumio I can simply copy the .pls file into a directory (from my windows desktop machine, using samba/cifs) and everything works, but no such luck on Rune Audio.

Any suggestions please?
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Re: SomaFM Anyone?

Postby somafm » 19 Dec 2014, 03:10

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Re: SomaFM Anyone?

Postby ACX » 19 Dec 2014, 03:32

Hi somafm,
pleased to see you in our forum :)

Have you considered to submit the stations also to Dirble?
We natively integrate it, so our users (and of course all the Dirble's ones) would always have them at their fingertips.
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Re: SomaFM Anyone?

Postby Andrew776 » 19 Jan 2015, 17:48

Many thanks, SomaFM. Solved my problem.

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