RuneUi connection difficulties

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RuneUi connection difficulties

Postby barfkoswil » 08 Nov 2016, 12:14

For some reason i can only connect to RuneUi when hard wired but not with wifi. Also my android phone is very hit and miss, mostly miss. Can anyone advise?
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Re: RuneUi connection difficulties

Postby hondagx35 » 08 Nov 2016, 13:23

Hi barfkoswil,

you have a RP3, right?

If so, the internal wifi is not the best at all.

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Re: RuneUi connection difficulties

Postby bhwoodsman » 02 Dec 2017, 15:45

I received my Odroid C1+ yesterday and spent the day working with it. I too can't connect to , or should I say discover the device with two Android (Nougat) tablets wireless (Net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED). I say wireless to my router not to the Odroid as I want it hard-wired. I successfully downloaded the Rune Audio UI to these devices form the Play Store.

I've got a good Rune OS on the Odroid and it works like a champ. It is everything I'd hoped. I know it works because I can access it via two different computers (one Win 10 the other Linus Mint) via wireless connections to router and the Odroid wired to the router via gigabit Ethernet. When I get into the Odroid using "RuneAudio.local", I've got full control and access to all settings. Everything looks great on the Odroid.

My desire is to run this thing headless and not have to have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse to muck around in console. I can using my TV as a monitor and borrow stuff from other computers.

My setup is the Odroid C1+ with the Rune Audio OS loaded on a 16GB SanDisk class 10 micro SD. It boots in less than 20 seconds. Very pleased! I'm using the HDMI out for digital audio. Also very pleased as this was an experiment questioning why I needed a DAC when the Onkyo receiver is very capable. As stated earlier, the Odroid is tied to the network via Ethernet. Now if I can figure out why the tablets, and soon a phone, will not discover the Rune Audio player.

Before I attack the router, anybody have any suggestions?
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