RuneAudio Connection Woes: Any Solutions?

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RuneAudio Connection Woes: Any Solutions?

Postby SurajkaliMotiar » 02 May 2024, 05:39


I've recently installed the latest version of RuneAudio on my Raspberry Pi 3, successfully booting the OS and enjoying seamless playback of MP3 files from a connected USB drive. However, I'm encountering difficulty accessing the online UI from any other device. Despite attempts from my Linux PC, Android phone, and tablet—both through the app and web browser—I'm unable to establish a connection. Utilizing both my IP address and http://runeaudio.local yields a blank page with the error message: "runeaudio.local's server DNS address couldn't be found." Despite confirming the Pi's connection to the correct Wi-Fi network, I'm at a loss for the next troubleshooting steps. Any assistance you can provide would be immensely appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: RuneAudio Connection Woes: Any Solutions?

Postby TingxoGamchu » 10 May 2024, 12:04

Hey there! It sounds like you've set up RuneAudio well, but there might be a hitch with the network configuration. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Double-check Pi's IP address: Use a network scanner on your PC/phone to find the actual IP address assigned to your Pi, not just assuming it's on the expected network.

Verify firewall settings: Ensure any firewall on the Pi isn't blocking access to RuneAudio from other devices.

Check Bonjour/AvahiMD: RuneAudio uses these for local network discovery. Make sure they're enabled on your Pi (consult RuneAudio documentation).

Try a different browser/device: Sometimes a browser glitch can cause issues. Try accessing RuneAudio with a different browser or device.

If none of these work, searching online forums for "RuneAudio local access issues" might reveal more specific solutions for your setup.
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Re: RuneAudio Connection Woes: Any Solutions?

Postby LeighP » 11 May 2024, 21:04

Which version are you running?

Ensure you follow the links to the version that is at GitHub: - the new place for rAudio.
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Re: RuneAudio Connection Woes: Any Solutions?

Postby joelmcdonald » 24 Jun 2024, 05:28

Restarting the device can sometimes fix connectivity problemsscratch games. Try restarting the RuneAudio device, your router, and any other connected network devices.
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