Powered Stereo Speakers using Pi/HiFiBerry etc.….

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Powered Stereo Speakers using Pi/HiFiBerry etc.….

Postby foxint » 20 Jun 2016, 01:16

Hi Guys

Thank you for all your help in my new love of these small form computers. From my limited experience the Rune is far better than anything I have used – thank you to the guys here and the contributors.

I have a dream, but (probably using the wrong search terms on google) have not been able to find this adequately covered at the DIY level – can anyone point me in the right direction?

From the outset I would like to apologise: my technical ability far outstrips my dream.

• Stereo – 2 channel
• Speakers 2-way powered
• Source flac files using Rune….

I am assuming that:
• Wi-Fi is better than Bluetooth
• Use small form computer (like Pi…but open, I have heard the next version of Windows 10 will support Linux – so I may use my PC???)
• Somehow split the digital audio signal (left and right), and send this digital output to the speakers via Wi-Fi
• At each speaker (inside or close) there is a:
    Wi-Fi receiver (another Pi?)
    o Digi+
    o Signal processing/active crossover
    o DAC
    o 2 x power amplifiers one for the higher frequencies and one for the lower frequencies.
    • Anything else?

(I can do all this “old school” – rune to Pi to Digi+ to external DAC to Graphic Equaliser to electronic crossover to 2 x 100-watt stereo power amps to copper cables to speakers. I have all this gear and want to slim down) ….

Is this the way to do it?? HiFi Berry has most of the boards and the new (to me) kid on the block Polyvection (https://polyvection.com/news/) is also providing some very exciting products.

Perhaps this could spark some discussion.

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Re: Powered Stereo Speakers using Pi/HiFiBerry etc.….

Postby foxint » 27 Jul 2016, 07:32

Hi Annieorrobert

Thank you. I do realise there is no soldering.

I was wanting to see if anyone had done what I listed nothing to do with soldering. But thank you for the replay.

Looks like I asked a really hard question...ha-ha.

From my limited understanding, this dream would require:

digital output
WiFi transmitter/receivers
Multiple channel DAC
Muliple Amps

Looking for some discussions. As I have not seen any (for example) mono DAC. As it would be good to do all the Signal Processing frequency cross over in the digital arena and then convert it to analog at the last link just before the speaker driver amplifiers.

Any discussion?
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