Old tape deck repurposed

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Old tape deck repurposed

Postby den_hr » 04 Sep 2017, 15:48

Ever since I got this old (non-working) tape deck, I had an idea of turning it into a Rune Audio music center, complete with the LCD AND working Vu meters.
After quite a long time and several setbacks, it's finally finished.

The buttons in the front turn the VU meters and LCD on and off, and there's also a (red) shutdown button.

When the RasPi has shut down completely, the LCD and one of the red LEDs turn off, so you know it's safe to "pull the plug" - i.e. turn the whole thing off using the original "power" button. There's also an IR remote, plus all the usual stuff....

I'm quite pleased how it turned out :)

Here's a short video of it in action:
TDeck.jpg (104.61 KiB) Viewed 1666 times
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Re: Old tape deck repurposed

Postby arakis » 05 Sep 2017, 08:00

Very cool project!
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Re: Old tape deck repurposed

Postby westrock2000 » 06 Sep 2017, 01:31

Very cool :idea:
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