my multi-room system

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my multi-room system

Postby SimonS » 26 Aug 2018, 16:20

After khmm... long time I finally finish my multi-room system.
At first I create own piggy-board with 3x AMP and controlled by RPi. Then this project die, because I have no idea how to program RPi :(
At end I buy AMP board and made switching system 1:3. So I use toggle switch to set room. At first work great. But after day I note, that power supply and AMP board become to hot. This is no good thing. I was thinking, that D-class amp not consumed power when is no signal. I was wrong!
OK what now? If I totally cut off power also PRi will stay without power and need time to restart, and also can lose his IP, .... So I got idea, to leave only power supply for RPi and add new toggle switch to power only amplifier. Also I add LED, to note that AMP is on.
It not look nice from inside, but never mind work fine and this is important for me :D ;)
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