Integrating into Brennan B2

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Integrating into Brennan B2

Postby jakeinjam » 16 Jan 2018, 15:53

I recently bought a Brennan B2 which is basically a Linux based Raspberry Pi connected to a hard drive and amplifier all in one box

All in all I am very pleased with the system, and I know I could have done this myself loads cheaper, but I am not that way inclined.

However the interface connected through the B2's IP address leaves much to be desired. Basically I want to replace the entire system it comes with for the Rune which looks and behaves much more along the lines the B2 should have shipped with.

Currently I am downloading Rune and have the latest update software of the B2 which contains the html and java files to run it. I had intended to compare the files and replace those that are core, but I have questions I am hoping some of you may answer. I am very new to all this but am competent with html, php and understand basics of java.

My questions are:

Will it work?
If I buy a new SD card, load on Rune, put into B2 will it find all the music on the internal HD?
Does it support Bluetooth in and out? (Am sure this question is answered somewhere but can't find)
All the connections shown in the attached file - are they supported by Rune?
The B2 aparently has a Burr Brown (Texas Instruments) PCM2902C DAC - is this ok?

It also comes with Raspberry PI model B.

I am 100% sure that if I can get this to work, there are 1000s of B2 users who would like a better alternative!

I very much look forward to any help and advice.

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Re: Integrating into Brennan B2

Postby jakeinjam » 25 Jan 2018, 13:49


A little update from the B2 forum.

A guy with some unix knowledge tells me that if I replace the operating software then the screen and jog wheel of the B2 will stop working.

I hope someone can help me with ideas to put this into action.

I look forward to any replies - even ones that say 'it won't work'.

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Re: Integrating into Brennan B2

Postby janui » 26 Jan 2018, 12:33

Hi jakeinjam,
The Brennan B2 has a few things which would certainly stop working if standard RuneAudio were to be installed. These are: SPDIF output, Remote, CD, Display, Volume knob and Bluetooth.
The question then is whether it would be possible to get them all working?
    SPDIF output – Depends on the B2 hardware: unknown
    Remote – Several solutions documented in the forum: probable
    CD – There are a couple of forum members working on solutions for this (but not to play CD’s, only to rip to the database): possible
    Display – Lots of different displays have been integrated: probable
    Volume knob – Several forum solutions worked out: probable
    Bluetooth – No solution in the forum, there are solutions on internet: possible
I don’t know how the Sonos integration is implemented so this is an open question.
Then, how much time required to make it all work? A lot.
A solution would also be a distinct separate implementation of RuneAudio specifically for the B2. This would introduce risks of diverging away from the standard RuneAudio software and therefore losing the support of its development community.
The last point is that all developers would need a spare Brennan B2 to play with, and for quite a lot of the time this would be a non-working version. The cost issues are therefore significant.
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