Hypex UcD32MP amplifier

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Hypex UcD32MP amplifier

Postby Fin » 30 Aug 2014, 03:03

I'm already keenly following skrodahl's TPA3116 thread and have one of the "audiobah" amplifier boards on order.

My goal is an "all in one" source and amplifier, as compact as possible to fit with a pair of Mirage OMD-5 speakers. The source being Raspberry Pi, IQaudIO Pi-DAC, RuneAudio.

I found this option as well and was wondering if anyone has had any experience or any thoughts on it.
Hypex UcD32MP: https://www.hypexshop.com/DetailServlet?detailID=4928

It appears to me a "motherboard" including integrated mains powered SMPS, with a single UcD32OEM amplifier board installed.
UcD32MP datasheet: http://www.hypex.nl/docs/UcD3xMP_Datasheet.pdf
UcD32OEM datasheet http://www.hypex.nl/docs/UcD32OEM_datasheet.pdf

The benefits to this amplifier to me are
  • Mains powered, so no external power supply required
  • Has +/-18V DC power output for the amp module, also available via a jumper connection
  • Also has +5V DC power output, could be used to power the Raspberry Pi and Pi-DAC via a switch circuit like http://lowpowerlab.com/atxraspi/
  • Still relatively small footprint to fit into a compact case

Of course playing with mains voltage means a lot of extra care required, and it's also more expensive than other options.

I have very limited knowledge of circuits etc, so I have these questions:
1. What is the purpose of the input buffer recommended in the UcD32OEM datasheet and is it required?
2. What would be a good/affordable/simple buffer that would suit?
3. Would it be wise to run the input buffer off the +/-18V DC provided on the main board?
3. Would the hardware volume control of the Pi-DAC be a sufficient way to adjust the final output volume?

Any input or guidance will be greatly appreciated!
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