Barn Installation (8 speakers)

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Barn Installation (8 speakers)

Postby thetwc » 07 Aug 2018, 15:31

I'm looking to install a Pi and RuneAudio into a barn.
I have wired the rafters back to a central point with 8 speakers. 1 in each corner and 4 in the middle, firing back to the corners of the room.

I would like the RuneAudio functionality: web radio, USB, Airplay (plus spotify/apple music if possible, but hey)
It will be controlled by an Amazon Fire running Fully kiosk pointing to the IP address of the Pi.
That's my plan...... (advice appreciated)

How do get the audio (all the same) from the Pi to 8 speakers in the same room?

I was thinking of running 4 x Class T or D small amps to small cube speakers. This would give me 4 volume controls for balancing and a master Rune volume control on the fire tablet.

Can i plug in 4 x USB DACs, then phono to the 4 amps?
I'd rather stay away from the Pi 3.5 mm output if possible due to poor quality.
How will i deal with syncing issues as you stand in different areas of the room? Will a speaker behind you be out of sync with he one in front?
Should i get a Home cinema amp, HDMI output from the pi to the amp, then use the delays available from the amp to set up the room?

Any advice appreciated.
thank you.
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Re: Barn Installation (8 speakers)

Postby LeighP » 09 Aug 2018, 11:11

Why do you need four DACs?

Surely one would do and feed the four amplifiers?

I'll tell you what I did a while back: I did a computer based installation many years ago that also included microphone inputs - I fed the computer output (3.5mm lead to phonos) into a distribution amplifier so one stereo input:four stereo outputs which then fed the amplifiers.

Looking on ebay, there are a good selection of audio distribution amps. (I actually used a video/audio distribution amp - just using the audio side).

You could also look for a 'zone controller' - I know that 'Cloud' make them here in the UK and they are popular installation items for bars, etc.

You may only need the delays dependant on the size of the place. If the speakers are quite directional, you may be able to get away without delays.
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Sounds nice!
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