RuneAudio runs on Raspberry Pi 3 model B

RuneAudio for Raspberry Pi 3

We have officially added the Raspberry Pi 3 model B to our certified devices family.
The image, which works also on the Raspberry Pi 2 and includes some new features (release info), is now available in the Download page:

Go to downloads

As usual, a big thank you goes to Frank Friedmann (aka hondagx35) who is helping us to keep the pace with the new platforms while we are focused on the development of the new version.


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  • Fyi, the Pi 3 isn’t actually listed on the certified devices page as of the time of this comment

    • RuneAudio

      Thank you for noticing it, we’ll update the page as soon as possible.

  • Scott Brady

    Does it work with the built in wifi of the pi 3, or must an Ethernet cable still be used to connect it to the network?

    • br0ve

      works perfectly even as wifi access point for upnp

  • Juan Carlos

    Hi, I download and run on my RPi 3 the latest version but RuneAudio recognices it as a RPi2. Strange…