Interface no connection ios 11.4.1 startscreen

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Interface no connection ios 11.4.1 startscreen

Postby johnberg » 29 Jul 2018, 12:31

I am using version V.0.3-beta on a Raspberry Pi B
The interface always has been working perfect on Safari on an ipad running ios 10.3.
I put the interface on the startscreen because this is looking more nice without useless Safari info like url’s etc.
After long waiting I updated the Ipad to ios 11.4.1
Now if I run the interface from the shortcut I get a dark interface on the background with a spinning wheel “connecting”, sometimes after a minute it appaers, but after a reload it is spinning again.
If I open the interface straight in Safari it is connecting fine, but I want to open it from the startscreen because that is looking nicer.
I have an Ipad Air and Ipad 2017 and both are having the same problem
Is there anybody who has the same problem and is there a fix to solve this problem?
Btw, if I make a shortcut to the startscreen in my Android phone it also is working fine.
Apple what did you do with Safari??
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