Can not make MPD rebuild library

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Re: Can not make MPD rebuild library

Postby hondagx35 » 04 Nov 2016, 15:33

Hi johnberg,

I am wondering why NAS users have not problem at all with Rune when building the MPD library.

Because they do it the right way:
- they have their music in one single folder (e.g. Music with subfolders for artists and / or albums)
- they take care not to have non music files (beside cover art) in these folders.
- they share this folder with smb/cifs or nfs.
- they mount this folder within Rune Audio, so mpd has easy access to it.

As I wrote before Volumio is working perfect with my harddisk and we should work on it that Rune can do the same, it is very essential! :shock:

Again we know that volumio works with your hdd.
As i told you already Rune is not the problem, it is MPD that doesn't like your music library (or some files on your hdd).
The image for your RP1 is old and not updated for a long time.
More recent MPD versions used on RP2/3 and other platforms may be more tolerant to non music files in the library.
With the next version of Rune the RP1 image will also get an update.

General info:
MPD scans all files and folders that are mounted to /mnt/MPD/ and tries to find playable music files.
By adding the .mpdignore file you can tweak this behavior, but you have to specify all non music file endings.
If there is really no other way and a separate hdd for your music is no option i would do it this way:
- create two folders on your hdd (e.g. "music" and "data")
- move all music files and folders containing music to the first one.
- move all other files and folders to "data"
- save a file called .mpdignore in the "data" folder (it should contain the character *)
Do not forget the preceding dot in the filename!

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Re: Can not make MPD rebuild library

Postby johnberg » 05 Nov 2016, 12:05

@Frank and Surfninja

Thank you oh so much for all the help and advice, but the problem has been solved now :D :D :D

What did I do??
After trying Install Volumio 2.001 on my SD-cart and testing it ( has a beautifull outfit, but not working at all :evil: ) I formatted the SD-cart again and intall RuneAudio for the second time.
This time I did not activate Spotify immediately, but I added a network mount to a folder in my old Popcorn Hour using this as NAS.
Then I clicked on "remount all sources" and what you think...Runeaudio perfectly build the library as well from the hdd as the network mount.
Result: only folder containing music are showed in the library just as Volumio 1.55 did and everything is working perfectly.
Then I activated Spotify and this is also working.
Then I discovered something I did not know the first time: Runeaudio is having a small button right under the artistname in the playbackscreen: "Playback source". Here you can switch between MPD ans Spotify.
During my first install it was all the time in the Spotify modus and maybe this was the reason why it did not build the MPD library.
I am not quite sure, but most important is that everything is working now. :P :P
Maybe I gonna make a thirth install on a better SD-card and make a better diagnostic.
One thing is sure: also RuneAudio is having no problems when the hhd is containing a lot of other files.
My hdd is containig a lot of Wi- games, Acronis backups and a lot more which have nothing to do with music.
The endresult is only two folders with music.
I am very satisfied with Rune now, but there are two things I will come back for:

1. Activating Samba share, I did read something on this forum allready.
2. How to get the Spotify playlists alphabetic

Why the last?

Spotify has no search option and that is why I add a lot of complete albums as playlist with the spotify app.
It would be very nice if Abba is above and ZZ top below.
Now the latest added are above.
Sorry I will put this in a new topic.

Thanks a lot again :)
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