RuneAudio 0.1-beta is out!


As promised, today we have released the first official beta of RuneAudio, 0.1-beta version.

We took the Raspberry Pi as launch platform, first of a list of single-board computers that we are going to support (BeagleBone Black, CuBox and UDOO are on the way). We assembled the first version of RuneOS and optimized it to get the most performance out of the Raspberry Pi, and improved the interaction between RuneUI and the underlying system.

This is a testing release, and it’s limited to a basic setup: it only features wired ethernet connection, it only plays music from Network Attached Storage and only outputs to USB audio interfaces. So you’ll have to wait next release for a full featured system with Wi-Fi support, USB sources, webradio streaming and management, and analogic or HDMI output. We have temporarily left out all these features to focus development on system performance and sound quality.

We invite you to try it and give us your feedback in our forum.

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