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USB Powered Speaker Setup

Postby alienbob » 02 Aug 2016, 11:46


Not very HiFi but quite practical setup for my kitchen, with decent enough volume, that is out of sight and only needs one power socket. The solution was RA on a Pi with a USB powered sound bar from Cabstone. I have a short 3.5mm m to m cable from the audio output of the Pi to the audio input of the speaker for audio, and power the speaker directly from the Pi's USB port with a m to m USB cable.

Naturally this is all controlled via the RA interface on device X, including the volume output from he Pi itself to raise and lower the volume (the soundbar is set to 100% on the buttons on the top.) so no need to have to climb on a chair to turn it up and down :D

As it's all running via the Pi its low power consumption so no worries about turning it off and on all the time!

Clicky here for a picture.
(Excuse the dirt, I don't clean the top of my cupboards that often!)

Hope this is helpful for somebody.
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