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USB DAC detection

Postby amstrong32 » 06 Oct 2020, 14:50

Which one is better, a bagged or bagless vacuum?

People often think of eco-friendly firstly when talking about bags. So is it the right decision to buy a bagless vacuum only, to save the environment? In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages for each type, let’s see what the pros and cons are.

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Vacuum cleaners with bags


· Tend to be more tidy and hygienic. All the dirt, dust and debris will be collected into the bags, which is removed all into the trash can. This can reduce the risk of dust to be out in the air again after cleaning, so should be safer for allergy sufferers.

· Bags is a part of the filler system, which does not require cleaning process

· Easy to replace. By replacing the new bags, most of the filler system has been refreshed.

· Large capacity. Depending on the model, but most of the bagged vacuum contains a huge capacity than the bagless version, so it requires less frequent replacement.

· Most bags are biodegradable, thus it reduces the amount of waste and is less harmful to the environment.



· High cost of replaceable bags. Most of the bags are not reusable and need to be replaced.

· The vacuum cleaner will operate less effectively if the bags are full.

· Out of bags. Sometimes if you don’t notice to stock bags at home, it may interrupt your cleaning procedure due to out of bags.

· Environmental friendliness. If you are concerned about eco-friendliness, the frequent waste of replaceable bags should be taken note. Even most of the bags are biodegradable, they still take time to decompose.


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Bagless vacuum


· Bagless vacuum surely reduces the waste of bags, which is great for the environment and your budget as well.

· Easily to check what is in the dustbin, rather than in a bag. For example, if you miss the accessories on the floor or carpet which is lifted into the vacuum, then you can see and take them back from the dustbin of the bagless vacuum.

· Easily to get empty the dustbin and back to use immediately.

· Small size and storage, due to less capacity container than bagged vacuums. Therefore, it does not take much effort to carry and move while cleaning home.

· Suction power. Generally, the suction power of bagless vacuum does not decrease as the dust cup is full, thanks to the cyclone technology.



· When disposing of the waste from a bagless vacuum, the dust and dirt can be released again to the air and affect the allergy sufferers.

· Consider cleaning and replacing the filter frequently, which may cost you more than bags. It is typically recommended by the manufacturer to replace the filter once a year. Another option is to buy washable filters, which can be reusable after washing and drying.

In sum, what is the best vacuum cleaner on the market? The one with the bag or without the bag? There is no right or wrong answer for this. In fact, there are top vacuum cleaners brands for both types.

Image The Best Vacuum Cleaner is the one that suits your needs best, normally based on storage space, budget, lifestyle, cleaning habits, even based on whether you are an allergy sufferer or not.
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Re: USB DAC detection

Postby cmh714 » 06 Oct 2020, 18:27

In pretty much all implementations I have seen, your DAC is required to be ON at the time the Pi comes, I do not think there is a solution for you...other than shutting down the Pi with the rest of your equipment.

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Re: USB DAC detection

Postby rern » 07 Oct 2020, 05:34

RuneAudio+R e5 dynamically detects USB DAC on/off events and reconfigured accordingly, with a notification.

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