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Teac UD-503

Postby Fred75000 » 01 Sep 2017, 20:51

I'm new here.

Rune is working well with my RPI B and my TEAC UD503 (through USB)
even if the RPI B USB port is weak
When playing DSD2.8 (.dff) file, few audio glitch may occur ( not sure "glitch" is the right word in english)

mpd.conf =
Code: Select all
audio_output {
name       "UD-503"
type       "alsa"
device       "hw:1,0"
dsd_usb    "yes"
auto_resample    "no"
auto_format    "no"
enabled    "yes"

I don't remember if I add this line in config.txt or if it was already here , but maybe it could help :
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# setting the max usb current to 1200mA
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