Streaming music to runeaudio from other devices

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Streaming music to runeaudio from other devices

Postby myniu » 04 Feb 2017, 16:50

I'm not entirely sure if this feature exists but I want to ask.

I've got my RPi 3 with runeaudio on it + connected USB HDD & Speakers. I want to ask if it's possible to use my RPi as a sound reciever from other devices f.g. phone or computer with windows on board through WiFi. Can I configure runeaudio on my RPi in that way? For example let's say I'm working on my laptop and somebody sent me music video from youtube. I open the link and I can hear music on both my laptop and rapsberry pi at the same time. Is even something like that possible? I suppose it has something with UPnP / DLNA, but I'm new into this and have no idea how to use it yet. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Streaming music to runeaudio from other devices

Postby fugu28 » 12 Feb 2017, 21:17

Hi. I recently found a windows app called "Stream what you hear" which seems to do what you are asking - it lets you stream all the audio from your PC to Runeaudio. I've tried it a couple of times and it seems to work, although there is a slight delay between the output on windows and the runeaudio.
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