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Sound tweaks/Equalizer

Postby dekaynet » 07 Apr 2021, 20:54

Hi all. New to the forum so apologize up front if this has been mentioned. I didn't some searches and found relevant articles dating back to 2016 so thought maybe things have changed.

Tried a couple of solutions and really like Rune so just config'd a RPi 3 with a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro card and had to go with the latest beta release to get it to go which actually was rather smooth. I'm fiber connected to a 20+ year old Sony receiver feeding KEF Q150 speakers (brand new). Just seems like i'm getting a very dull sound with no highs so wondering if I need to tweak anything or wondering if there's an equalizer option to shape the music a little more. It could be that my receiver has seen better days and it's time to upgrade but figured I'd pose this to the experienced group here for suggestions.

Thanks much.
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