Solutions for streaming music from raspberry pi?

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Solutions for streaming music from raspberry pi?

Postby johnwalker1 » 27 Mar 2020, 14:14

I'm looking for a solution to stream music to my raspberry pi, which is connected to my USB Schiit DAC > Onkyo Amplifier > CM4 B&W tower speakers. The solution must contain the ability to remotely control the software via my Android smartphone and I do not want to stream the music from my phone over bluetooth / wifi.

Lately I'm becoming more and more interested in signing up for Spotify Premium, as it includes the option to "listen offline". Spotify contains probably 99% of the music I listen to, so I won't have to go out of the way to download / buy music.

RuneAudio definitely looks good - it has native support for my USB DAC and remote controls, but lacks support for Spotify (although it may be implemented in the future). I'm honestly just about ready to use RuneAudio, but I thought I'd check here in case someone has a golden suggestion.

I would REALLY like to use Spotify or another Music as a Service-based solution for this. When I was younger and had more free time I enjoyed downloading music, but lately my library is lacking and the 10$ / month is a very compelling deal.

Other info: I have a NAS hosting my existing media library. The raspberry pi will connect to my network over wifi.

Would love to hear suggestions from people with similar setups. I guess the end goal I have in mind is to reduce time spent hunting / downloading music.
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Re: Solutions for streaming music from raspberry pi?

Postby Bert » 27 Aug 2020, 22:06

Dear, I have Raspberry Pi running on MusicBox. It is very stable, even after weeks not using it, it is always online. You can play local files and Spotify. It takes some focus to get aquinted with MusicBox, but Im very happy and have no complaints about the Spotify build in app!

It works only with Spotify Premium account! The interface however is very different from Spotify itself. In fact you start all over again maken playlists etc.

Main interface
Use this setting for Spotify
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