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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby Ears of Tin » 19 Dec 2020, 13:53

Rern, Here you go:

root@RuneAudio:~ # cat /etc/mpd.conf
bind_to_address ""
db_file "/srv/http/data/mpd/mpd.db"
music_directory "/mnt/MPD"
replaygain "off"
state_file "/srv/http/data/mpd/mpdstate"
user "mpd"

input {
plugin "curl"

decoder {
plugin "ffmpeg"
enabled "no"

resampler {
plugin "soxr"
quality "very high"

audio_output {
name "hifiberry-dacplus"
device "hw:0,0"
type "alsa"
auto_resample "no"
auto_format "no"
mixer_type "none"

audio_output {
name "Taotronics TT-BH040"
device "bluealsa:DEV=E8:AB:FA:24:14:6E,PROFILE=a2dp"
type "alsa"
mixer_type "software"

root@RuneAudio:~ # bluetoothctl info
Device E8:AB:FA:24:14:6E (public)
Name: Taotronics TT-BH040
Alias: Taotronics TT-BH040
Class: 0x00240404
Icon: audio-card
Paired: yes
Trusted: yes
Blocked: no
Connected: yes
LegacyPairing: no
UUID: Headset (00001108-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: Audio Sink (0000110b-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: A/V Remote Control Target (0000110c-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: A/V Remote Control (0000110e-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: Handsfree (0000111e-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)

root@RuneAudio:~ # amixer -D bluealsa
Simple mixer control 'Taotronics TT-BH040 - A2DP',0
Capabilities: pvolume pswitch
Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
Limits: Playback 0 - 127
Front Left: Playback 93 [73%] [on]
Front Right: Playback 93 [73%] [on]
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby GriffinUcos » 19 Dec 2020, 16:56

GriffinUcos wrote:Clearly I was over optimistic when I thought BT might be more automated in this version. Having found the conf I'll do some more research and I'll take it from there.

I've edited main.conf with the PID:VID:VER and un-commented the section where needed but the dongle is still not detected.

Code: Select all
RuneAudio:~  #  cat /etc/mpd.conf
max_output_buffer_size "32768"
auto_update            "yes"
audio_buffer_size      "8192"
bind_to_address        ""
db_file                "/srv/http/data/mpd/mpd.db"
music_directory        "/mnt/MPD"
playlist_directory     "/var/lib/mpd/playlists"
replaygain             "off"
state_file             "/srv/http/data/mpd/mpdstate"
user                   "mpd"

input {
        plugin         "curl"

decoder {
        plugin         "ffmpeg"
        enabled        "yes"

resampler {
        plugin         "soxr"
        quality        "custom"
        precision      "32"
        phase_response "50"
        passband_end   "91.3"
        stopband_begin "100"
        attenuation    "0"
        flags          "0"

audio_output {
        name           "On-board - Headphone"
        device         "hw:0,0"
        type           "alsa"
        auto_resample  "no"
        auto_format    "no"
        mixer_type     "software"
RuneAudio:~  #  aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: Headphones [bcm2835 Headphones], device 0: bcm2835 Headphones [bcm2835 Headphones]
  Subdevices: 8/8
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
  Subdevice #1: subdevice #1
  Subdevice #2: subdevice #2
  Subdevice #3: subdevice #3
  Subdevice #4: subdevice #4
  Subdevice #5: subdevice #5
  Subdevice #6: subdevice #6
  Subdevice #7: subdevice #7

Although it works fine in WIN 10 I'll source another. In the meantime I'll try the beta.
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby ray1112 » 19 Dec 2020, 17:47

rern wrote:Please try the public beta release.
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1, Cirrus Logic Audio Card, RuneAudio 0.4b
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby GriffinUcos » 19 Dec 2020, 18:12

ray1112 wrote:
rern wrote:Please try the public beta release.

On it now rern, thanks. Not popular at the moment as it is our anniversary!!!

No change, BT dongle still isn't detected. I'l get a new one next week.

Many thanks for this great software.
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Re: A New Release After +R e6

Postby cmh714 » 19 Dec 2020, 19:45

rern wrote:A New Release After +R e6

Released for public beta testers on GitHub

Anyone with an extra micro SD card to spare should give it a try. Actually, for the cost of a new card today, everyone should.


Restore didnt seem to work properly for me, but I can do this in my sleep in minutes.....some settings came back properly and many did not. Rebuilding my db now :)

As always THANKS Rern!
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby chasolla » 20 Dec 2020, 11:35

good morning

first post from me

rpi3b+ using r1
iquadio dac+ (generic)
just installed - putting wifi settings into boot didn't work for me.
Fortunately the keyboard support is much improved over earlier versions so I put them in easily and quickly.

Restoring my settings from a backup didn't work either but I can remember them all so got them in straight away.

Another old G****
Thanks rern for the great work.

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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby Mohog » 20 Dec 2020, 15:05

Both e6 and +R (public beta via github) do not allow Airplay to activate on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Clicking on the toggle briefly moves to activated. It will either move back to deactivated immediately or upon returning to the settings screen.

No airplay is available for devices.
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby Ssoum » 20 Dec 2020, 20:27

I am a new French user. (Sorry for google traductor)
I had great difficulty using the 16x2 GPIO LCD screen.
So as I finally found it, I post the problem here.
The line import RPi.GPIO as GPIO is missing at the top of the '' file.
Now things are much better, I continue to test Runeaudio, thank you for all your work.

[EDIT] If it can help other person :
Only for users of 'AUDIOPHONICS I-SABER AMP DAC ES9023' like me, you must also change this line in the same file:
lcd = CharLCD( cols=cols, rows=rows, charmap=charmap, numbering_mode=GPIO.BOARD, pin_rs=15, pin_rw=18, pin_e=16, pins_data=[21, 22, 23, 24], auto_linebreaks=False )
lcd = CharLCD (cols = cols, rows = rows, charmap = charmap, numbering_mode = GPIO.BOARD, pin_rs = 26, pin_e = 24, pins_data = [22, 18, 16, 13], auto_linebreaks = False)
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby GriffinUcos » 21 Dec 2020, 15:07

Hi rern.

rAudio-1 on Pi B+ connected via wired Lan. Restore does not complete. My "old" BT dongle not detected.

rAudio-1 on Pi Zero W - wifi works on first connection but not subsequently. Wifi file no longer exists on boot. Copying it back onto boot allows it to connect again, but only once. BT does not work.

The BT dongle is probably way outdated, probably a cheap clone Cambridge Silicon Labs - VID-0A12 PID-0001

I've order BT v4.0 and v5.0 dongles and I'll let you know how it goes, if and when they arrive.

Kind regards
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby rern » 21 Dec 2020, 16:03

Update 20201221

- Fix backup for restore in the public beta.
- There should be no more updates for R e6.
- Please try the public beta or wait a few day for bugs to get fixed.

rAudio @
Raspberry Pi 4B
Raspberry Pi 3B > SMSL M8 DAC
Raspberry Pi Zero W
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