RuneAudio or Volumio for RPI player?

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RuneAudio or Volumio for RPI player?

Postby zackxoxo » 17 May 2020, 22:29

I've used Foobar and Jriver via PC, and Runeaudio via Raspberry pi and they've all worked great for FLAC to DAC playback.

As I read more about digital audio, I realize that people who are writing about raspberry pi integration (Darko, audiostream) are using Volumio and not Runeaudio as firmware.

I realize that there are obvious issues in confusing Rune and Roon, but other than that is there a clear reason to choose Volumio over Runeaudio firmware?
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Re: RuneAudio or Volumio for RPI player?

Postby LeighP » 22 May 2020, 10:48

There is nothing saying you should choose one over the other.

Some people like the 'established/completed' feel of Volumio, etc, whereas those who like to get 'under the hood' and play around with settings, add their own refinements, etc, like RuneAudio and the support is often in place for those who want to experiment.

I've tried a few players and always return to RuneAudio and am happy to support the project too.

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Re: RuneAudio or Volumio for RPI player?

Postby pmicho » 05 Jun 2020, 03:44

Let's be honest. Between Runeaudio and Volumio, the choice was easy. Runeaudio was much better. But it's dead. When was the last release?
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Re: RuneAudio or Volumio for RPI player?

Postby AndyF » 05 Jun 2020, 12:08

If you think, RuneAudio is dead - look here:

I´m using rern´s version since his "addons" - stable and full of features.

regards, Andy
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