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Re: RuneAudio 0.4-beta for Raspberry Pi2/3

Postby dhanushx012 » 08 Dec 2020, 11:45

Thanks for checking! The logs were created with only two radiostations added to Rune Audio but when I connect a USB drive (fast SD-card) the same problem occurs. Using Volumio there also were, more serious, booting issues after installing the Raspberry 7" touchscreen. So I wonder if the display is causing the problem.
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Re: RuneAudio 0.4-beta for Raspberry Pi2/3

Postby SpecialK » 08 Mar 2023, 10:37

Hello everyone,

Just trying to get Rune up and running and I can not seem to find the link to DL the software needed to run Allo Bos Dac of PI. The one posted in 2014 does not seem to unzip either.

Thank you in advance
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