Rune Audio with WLED+LEDFX

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Rune Audio with WLED+LEDFX

Postby fortwienix » 11 Apr 2022, 10:39

Hello all,
I've been using Rune Audio on a Raspberry Pi4 with Amp2+ for 2+ years now. Everything is working, great too! So much for that!
I've been involved with WLED for some time. Now I have found software that turns my Windows PC into a kind of light organ with WLED. The whole thing is called LEDFX.
Now I would like to address this via Rune Audio. In theory, LEDFX probably also runs on a theory. In practice it looks a little different for me. Since I am not very familiar with Linux, I wanted to ask if this is even possible with Rune Audio. There is also a guide on how to install it on a Raspi, but I'm not that smart about it.
If that works, I'd appreciate any advice that might help me. If you need more information i can try to answer.

Kind regards
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