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Raspberry Pi zero w portable music player

Postby TommyWii » 21 May 2020, 15:04

Ok, total newbie. I would like to build a steam punk music player in an altoids tin. Is there a version of rune that will run on the zero w using blue tooth headset and a phone as the controlling interface?
If so, what version should I download, and can you tell me what phone app will work with it to control song selection etc.

Please and thank you! And stay safe out-there with all the nastiness in the air!!!!
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Re: Raspberry Pi zero w portable music player

Postby Bert » 27 Aug 2020, 20:53

Dear Tommy,

I have Raspberry Pi zero w running on https://www.pimusicbox.com/ MusicBox. It is very stable, even after weeks not using it, it is always online. You can play local files and spotify. It takes some focus to get aquinted with MusicBox.

Originally I wanted to make a bluetooth audio transmitter with https://www.balena.io/blog/turn-your-old-speakers-or-hi-fi-into-bluetooth-receivers-using-only-a-raspberry-pi/ Balena, but that was not a succes. The Pi Zero stutters while sending bluetooth audio.
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