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Raspberry Pi 4

Postby rern » 24 Jun 2019, 15:58

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Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi 3 > SMSL M8 DAC
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Re: Raspberry Pi 4

Postby janui » 24 Jun 2019, 22:03

Hi Rern,
What is very nice is the independent USB and Wan driver chips, means the near full capacity is available on both USB and ethernet. USB V3 is also a welcome addition for fast HDD access. Means a HDD can be built into the Pi enclosure and it should be possible to update music quickly over internet. CPU capacity is way too much for what we need, but underclocking should be possible to reduce heat (and therefore noise). The extra memory doesn’t help us really. Its a pain that the power and HDMI connectors have changed.
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