Playback Suddenly Pauses

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Playback Suddenly Pauses

Postby vomvos » 07 Apr 2020, 19:35

This is my first post and I hope it is in the correct place.
I am using Rune for a couple of years without issues until the last 2 days. Playing back flac files the music gets stuck, it starts suddently and then stops again. This happens either playing back music saved in a hard drive disc connected directly or streaming it from a mac via audirvana.
Here is the debug info.
Any help would be appreciated. I hope it is not a difficult solution as my knowledge on this is limited.
Thank you
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Re: Playback Suddenly Pauses

Postby janui » 09 Apr 2020, 09:46

Hi vomvos,
I have seen this a few times as well, but have never been able to actually localise the problem. Reflashing the Micro-SD card always fixed it for me.
You could also try using a later version, see here: runeaudio-0-5-beta-for-all-raspberry-pi-models-t6532.html
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