No sound from DAC

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No sound from DAC

Postby AndyR » 16 Aug 2022, 09:48

I'm relatively new to all this so please bear that in mind - thanks.

I have a Hifiberry DAC2HD running on a Pi 4 and playing audio through my hifi ampllifier and speakers - all works well with the HifiBerry OS.

I bought a Pi 7 inch Touchscreen with the objective of using the Rune OS to replace the HifiBerry OS because I liked the Rune UI - BUT I can't get any sound at all out of either the h/phone socket or the DAC.

I've set it up with the I2S DAC2HD option - and I've checked the config.txt (which shows dtparam=i2s=on and dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplushd) and I assume that it's all set up as it should be - but there's no sound. What else do I need to do???

Also, I am trying to login to the Rune OS with ssh BUT all I get is "Permission Denied - Please Try Again" I've tried the "rune" password and many others (using the IP address - root@aaa.bbb.c.dd) but I cannot ssh into the OS - why is this?

And another quirck - I keep losing the Volume Control off the UI - I can set it up again and it stays there on the UI until I go into the settings menu again and when I go back to the UI, the Volume Control is missing again. This doesn't happen when I'm not using the DAC - i.e. I've not selected the I2S DAC and am just using the headphone.

I would be very grateful for any pointers on this - I've come to the limit of my knowledge (such as it is).

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Re: No sound from DAC

Postby AndyR » 16 Aug 2022, 11:17

Further to the above:- The Rune OS that I'm using is the latest one - 64 bit 20220814 and I've now found out that the password for ssh login is "ros" and not "rune" as posted in many places.

But no sound from the DAC as yet
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Re: No sound from DAC

Postby eea123 » 20 Aug 2022, 18:39

Check to see if you have sounds from another source. I know I fought mine when I first started getting it setup. I know I changed it, but it seemed like it took a reboot or two to get it to recognize the DAC.
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Re: No sound from DAC

Postby ceejayemm » 21 Aug 2022, 08:58

As you appear to be using the latest version of rAudio-1 (rather than Rune Audio) you might be better off asking this question directly in the rAudio-1 support page:

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Re: No sound from DAC

Postby mcleanross7 » 21 Sep 2022, 05:59

Thanks I am waiting for further response from the support page cookie clicker
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