Multi-amp system

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Multi-amp system

Postby SimonS » 03 Aug 2016, 10:01

Finally I finish board.
So this is my version of multiroom system (without snapcast).
- 4. stereo amplifier TPA3110D2 ( 15W per ch. 8OHM and 30W per ch. 4OHM at 16V)
- on board DAC PCM5102 (SNR 112dB, THD -93dB, Sampling Frequency up to 384kHz)
- all channah have power down mode, individual volume control
- can add other board so you can got 8 individual stereo channel.
- almost all port of PRi are available on extender port, so you can attach LCD or other on PRi
- high quality PCB design for maximum quality of sound.

I design it for my self. I do have in my house main room where is all my audio equipment. From here are cable to my rooms. This is good choice, because there is no cable on room only speakers. Also is good solution for bathroom and outdoor, where is a lot of humidity and ho electric power.
Of course this system can be use in one room (restaurant, shop, ...) with more speakers. You can individual control volume.

Please let me know if you are interested to buy this board. Price is not known yet. It depend of quantity... (About 60€)

And one more thing. If you buy this board you support runeaudio team with 5€ !!! :!:
This is only prototype. Final version may be little different!
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Re: Multi-amp system

Postby AlessandroF » 15 Sep 2016, 15:58

Hi Simon,
I am interested in your sound card. But above all I contact you because I interest in developing other sound cards for my projects and I'm looking for someone who have experienced with electronics and is motivated. Please you can contact me. Here are my references:
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