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mpd satellite server

Postby The Shocker » 09 Oct 2020, 04:00

It looks like I joined the Rune Audio club today.

I have my Pi 3B+ booted up with Rune and am setting it up.

I use mpd on 2 other machines in my house, and one of the great features of mpd is that you can set up mpd servers as satellite servers of your main mpd server. That allows the main server to share it's database and when you do updates, the updates run local on the main machine, making updating much faster. I don't see any way to setup Rune as a satellite server for mpd. Is this option available? If not, is it something that might be considered?

To explain the convenience of this. You still need to configure a music library, but you need to make sure that the music library has the same relative path to the music from the defined music library. Then you set up a satellite server and tell it the primary server. When you fire up mpd, it instantly knows about all your music. No need to scan anything. And if I kick off a scan of my music library from my PC, all my other mpd servers automagically™ get udpated also.

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Re: mpd satellite server

Postby rern » 11 Oct 2020, 04:53

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