Mounting Google Drive

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Mounting Google Drive

Postby delboy711 » 06 Aug 2015, 21:41

Here is a method of mounting Google Drive Cloud storage in rune using the project GDriveFS so audio files on Google drive can be indexed and played by MPD. This does not allow you to play music saved in Google Play Music, only files in your cloud storage.

The project page for GdriveFS is at

GDriveFS needs Python 2 and a few other python apps so we start off by ensuring openssl is up to date, and installing some packages.

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pacman -S --force openssl
pacman -S python2 pip2

Next we install google-api-python-client by hand not from the Archlinux package
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pip2 install google-api-python-client

( I forget why. It may be you could install the python2-google-api-python-client package )

This may take a long time.

Next install gdrivefs
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pip2 install  gdrivefs

This may also take a long time. Assuming that all worked then you now have gdrivefs installed. To set it up with your Google account run
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gdfstool auth -u

You will be instructed to visit a URL using a browser on which you are already logged into your Google account (e.g. Google Mail)

On entering the URL you will be presented with a long ASCII key. Be aware that the key is longer than the box on your screen. Make sure you get the entire key when copying it. Enter the key into the command
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gdfstool auth -a /etc/gdfs.creds "YOUR_KEY"

Assuming that command was successful you can now mount your Drive file system
Create a mount point
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mkdir /mnt/Drive

Create an entry in the file /etc/fstab by adding the line
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/etc/gdfs.creds /mnt/Drive gdfs allow_other 0 0

Make a symlink so the mount command can find gdrivefs
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ln -s `which gdfs` /sbin/mount.gdfs

Mount your Drive with
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mount /mnt/Drive

Now make a symlink into Runes Local Storage folder
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ln -s /mnt/Drive/Audio\ Files /mnt/MPD/LocalStorage/Drive

(Change 'Audio Files' to the name of your Drive folder where you keep your music)

Now using your Rune UI select the 'Sources' button and Rebuild your MPD library.
Be aware this can take a VERY long time since gdrivefs actually has to download every file at this point. I do not recommend trying this out on large collections straight away.
Leave Rune alone while it is indexing the cloud storage or else it can lock up.

When the indexing is finished you should be able to browse the cloud storage from the 'Local Storage' tab in your Library screen.

I am using this on my Raspberry Pi version 1 with 256MB RAM
When indexing gdrivefs consumes about 70% of my CPU. When playing a file from drive it consumes about 10% CPU

Be aware this is **experimental** you may screw up your entire runeaudio installation..... Enjoy
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