Looking For A Home

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Looking For A Home

Postby uppsalanet » 26 May 2016, 16:17


Looking For A Home

Blue Coast Records’ first release, the "Blue Coast Collection", features exceptional acoustic recordings performed live in the studio without the use of headphones, overdubs or digital effects. Label founder, and five time Grammy-Nominated producer/engineer, Cookie Marenco, assembled a cast of world-class performers, engineers and technicians familiar with her passion for audio excellence and appreciation of skilled musicianship. A soulful ballad, "Looking For A Home" features Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai with what is surely going to be an audiophile reference recording for many years to come. (With thanks to Cookie Marenco, Blue Coast Records)
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Re: Looking For A Home

Postby Henry » 10 Nov 2018, 08:04

A deep anthem, searching for a home highlights keith greeninger and dayan kai with what is without a doubt going to be an audiophile reference recording for a long time to come, with on account of cookie marenco, blue coast records...
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