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[Improvements] : Library categories

Postby Pascal » 11 Mar 2016, 08:43

Hi everyone, I am using runeaudio 0.3beta on raspberry Pi 2 + hifiberry digi as Network Audio Streamer. The webUI is very simple to use and friendly. But, for better library search, just one thing could be more suitable : library categories.
It seems to me that "Artist" search corresponding to artist name ARTIST TPE1 tag ID3 V2.x, isnt'it ? I think it would be better to replace this tag by ALBUMARTIST TPE2 tag ID3V2.x instead of ARTIST TPE1. An additional tag by "composer" COMPOSER TCOM tag ID3V2.x should be greater too. in conclusion , Library categories could be :
- genres GENRE TCON
- albums ALBUM TALB
- composers COMPOSER TCOM
- folders

In any case runeaudio is very cool and works very well.
i apologise for my bad english, but i am French.
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Re: [Improvements] : Library categories

Postby Grundgütiger » 20 Mar 2016, 13:20

I totally second every library enhancements and integrating more tag interpretation. I propably repeat myself, but managing audio files is integrated a bit too rudimentary in Runeaudio. As a work-around I don't use the Library very often and use playlists.

I guess it would be up to those who define the FLAC specifications to tell which tags are standard, as mpd only uses those tags. In addition Runeaudio nevertheless could propably integrate interpreting some more tags. I'd love to see artists sorted without the article, which could be done by a tag within the FLAC files. Or reading a RATING tag for rating information (1 to 5), or... ;)

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