Is this the only option to make an mp3 player i want?

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Is this the only option to make an mp3 player i want?

Postby carnage » 17 Aug 2020, 10:24

So, this is year 2020 and everyone listens to music via streaming services on their phones/pc whatever.So do i, but recently ive been stuck to my phone a lot, i'm looking for a distraction free music listening. i would just go out and buy a digital music player but since am bored in lockdown maybe this project could be fun. am looking at making a simple digital music player with a 2.8 inch screen navigating buttons an rpi0 battery and a 3d printed case, now everything is straightforward till its time for the interface i dont want it to stream it on the network i just want it to play music via speaker/headphone jack. is there an image that will do just that or do i have to make one from scratch?
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Re: Is this the only option to make an mp3 player i want?

Postby ceejayemm » 17 Aug 2020, 15:57


RuneAudio can do exactly what you want (I currently use the Re4 version by Rern) via RPi Zero W, RPi 2 and RPi3B in various rooms of the house, some wired, some wireless and some with decent DACs or just via the headphone socket. The RPi2 is uses wifi dongle, a set of ex-computer speakers via the standard 3.5mm stereo jack socket to play webradios and albums in my shed. The RPI is housed in a Pimorini Pi 2 case and uses a standard RPI power supply, my shed is approx 15m from my home wifi. Plays all day very well with no problems - so long as I resist the tempation to fiddle, the default set up really does work very well.

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