How to put MP3 files on SD Card... but how to update OS ?

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How to put MP3 files on SD Card... but how to update OS ?

Postby electroremy » 21 Apr 2020, 10:42


I'm french so my english is not very good... :oops:

I've just got a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a Hifiberry Dac+ pro.
I use it with Rune Audio and all my MP3 files are stored on the SD Card.
It's not easy to set up so I explain how I process, it can help others on this board.

And also I have a "big" question about update at the end... :mrgreen:

To do what I do I use :
- a computer with Windows 7 64 bits "integral" ("integral" in french means full options)
- a usb bootable linux key, so I can run my computer with Linux without install it on a HDD

I found the RuneAudio_rpi2_rp3_0.4-beta_20160321_2GB image on the main Rune Audio web site.

I use USB Image tool to write the image on a SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 128 Gb SD Card with my computer under Windows 7
So I can remove the SD Card and plug it into the Raspberry Pi

Then I use PuTTY to expand the parition :
- plug Raspberry Pi with a ethernet connexion to my local network
- then turn on Raspberry Pi ; you can plug a HDMI screen to the Raspberry Pi so you can see if it's works
- go to http://runeaudio on my local network with a computer
- found the IP adress of the Raspberry Pi on Menu => Network
- install and launch PuTTY to open a SSH session on the 22 port at the IP adress of the Raspberry Pi
- use "root" as login and "rune" as password
- then enter "fdisk /dev/mmcblk0"
- enter "p"
- enter "d" and choose the partition "2"
- enter "n" and then "p", with the partition "2"
- enter "w", an error message said to me I need reboot
- enter "reboot"
- login again with PuTTY
- enter "resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2" (ends with "2" because I had to expand partition 2)

Now I have to copy my MP3 files on the SD Card. But it's not easy again.
Windows cannot read an write the linux SD Card. :(
My MP3 files are on a big USB external HDD, and Linux can read and write on it :)
So to copy MP3 files to SD Card, I have to use Linux

I boot my computer with a usb bootable linux key.
But I need to go to the BIOS to force my computer to boot on the USB key.
On newers computers, it's not easy you have to ask google to find how to do with your computer. :!:

Then I plug my USB external HDD, and also the SD Card on my computer running under Linux.

You need to copy your folders with your MP3 files on the folder /mnt/MPD/LocalStorage on the SD Card.
Do not use other folder, it doesn't work (I try it before... :mrgreen: )
Also you can have subfolders in /mnt/MPD/LocalStorage
I sorted my MP3 like this :
- list of subfolder for each genre containing :
- a list of subfolder for each artist containing :
- a list of subfolder for each album containing :
- a list of mp3 files and a single cover.jpg image

After copy you can unmount USB external HDD, and also the SD Card.

You can put the SD Card again in the Raspberry Pi and it's works : the MP3 files are in the library, in "local storage".
Indeed, you need to force library update and wait a moment.

So here is my question :
- the version of Rune Audio I found first is quite old an have a lot of bugs... :?
- I found on the forum a newer version : RuneAudio+R_e3-RPi2-3.img.xz
- how to make an update without erasing all the SD Card ?

Copying files again take several hours... :evil:
Thus, to copying files, I have to boot my computer with an USB Linux Key so I can't do anything else with my computer while copying :twisted:

One day ago I found a post that explain how to update SD Card without imaging, but I can not found this post again :lol: :x

Indeed, you can found precious information on the forum... but the main website is not up to date...
You have to spend a lot of time to find the right think to do on the forum, good information is like a needle in a haystack

I found at home an old 4Gb SD Card.
So I wrote on this old SD Card the RuneAudio+R_e3-RPi2-3.img
Now I have this old SD Card with the new Rune Audio system, and my 128 Gb SD Card with the old Rune Audio system and all my MP3 files...
So I wonder if I can just use Linux to move system files on the old SD Card to the 12 Gb Card to make an update...

Sound quality with hifiberry DAC is perfect and Rune Audio is fun but not for beginners in computer science :lol:

Best regards
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Re: How to put MP3 files on SD Card... but how to update OS

Postby Bert » 27 Aug 2020, 21:56

Dear, I did not read all you wrote, however I probably can follow you. In my experience it is not adviced to put your music files on the local micro SD card. It has very limited space and transfers are limited. Besides that, Rune divides the SD card rather strangely.

Why not connect you external harddisk with all your files to the board by USB? That works flawless and saves you much stress. SSD doesnt need extra power, older types with a running disk however do need an extra power supply.
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