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Help with headless functionality

Postby carlorb » 02 Aug 2019, 17:07

Hello everyone,

as the subject says, i'm having troubles using the headless functionality of runeaudio.

i have it working (with a HifiBerry Digi+), connected to an old TV, and so the actual functionality is not a problem.

i've also setup a static IP for it since i've set it up with a screen. however, the runeUI app, firefox, and Chrome all are unable to access, the browser says it times out. i've tried http://runeaudio, http://runeaudio.local, and the actual IP i assigned to the Pi, all with no success.

i'm using release version 0.4b build 20170229

also, i don't know if it helps, but pinging the 192..246 (the assigned IP) gets a response from 192..250.

will appreciate any help
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Re: Help with headless functionality

Postby janui » 03 Aug 2019, 11:57

Hi carlorb,
carlorb wrote:i'm using release version 0.4b build 20170229
There are several versions which are newer than this one. If you use the following version you will get better support from this forum: runeaudio-0-5-beta-for-all-raspberry-pi-models-t6532.html#p25819
After you download the file check the SHA-256 checksum, a bad download sometimes boots and works (a bit) but causes all sorts of problems.
Burn you Micro-SD card and it should boot without problems. It may take 2 or 3 minutes for the first boot, subsequent rebooting and start-up is less than 30 seconds.
To connect use: http://runeaudio.local, http://runeaudio or http://runeaudio. (the last one with a trailing '.')
There is a bug in this (and all previous) versions caused by an on-line service which RuneAudio expects, but is no longer available. The fix is documented here: rune-ui-is-slow-t6829-10.html#p28023
You can fix it by connecting via SSH and running this command (just copy and paste it):
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sed -i '/^ s/$/' /etc/hosts

You may need some help connecting via SSH. Here is some documentation, for Windows: ... and for Linux/MacOS: ... sh/ (user name: root, password: rune).
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