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External m3u playlist

Postby asturnauta » 27 Jul 2014, 14:09


I am trying 0.3 alpha version on a raspberry pi and it is beatufil.

It would be great can search a network folder with external m3u playlist.

I have been usign musicbee for a long time on my laptop and i have a lot of playlist on m3u format and it would be great can search this playlist on a network share and load them on runeui.

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Re: External m3u playlist

Postby pasdesignal » 04 Aug 2014, 06:37

I also think m3u is a good playlist format to support.
If you could recognise m3u files in general when mpd updates that would be good.
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Re: External m3u playlist

Postby Mte90 » 04 Aug 2014, 20:58

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Re: External m3u playlist

Postby asturnauta » 15 Oct 2014, 10:21


I will try to explain you how i make compatible my external m3u playlist with runeaudio.
I configure an audio source with the music on my NAS like this: '' and with name 'Music'.
Runeaudio save playlist with this syntaxis:
Code: Select all

I manage my music playlist with musicbee. It works with internal playlists buy it has an option to export playlist. My exported playlsits have this syntaxis:
Code: Select all

Musicbee has an option to replace the path of exported playlist, then i replace '' with 'NAS'
By this way i have my exported playlist with the same syntaxis of original runeaudio playlist, and i export playlist on a folder on the same NAS where i have the music.

The runeaudio playlist is saves on folder '/var/bin/mpd/playlists'
Then i mapped my exported palylist folder on runeaudio playlists folder with fstab:
Code: Select all         /var/lib/mpd/playlists         nfs         defaults      0        0

By this way, i only have to export my playlists, start runeaudio and i can load that playlists without to have to create all my playlists again.

This is a temporal solution until runeaudio will be compatible with external playlist (i hope this feature in future).

I have only a problem, the first track of all my playlists doesn't is showed on runeaudio. The first track on all playlists is not shown. The rest of tracks appears without problems.

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